Love It + Leave It: Home Design Trends

If you're anywhere in Dallas, the allergies have certainly alerted you to the onset of Spring.Though, if Texas has shown us anything, we're likely to be right in the heat of Summer before we know it. Before you get ready to Spring clean your home (or not: no judgment!), take a look at some of the home design trends that are defining 2019 and those that aren't quite carrying over. Who knows, maybe deco inspo is just what you need to jump start your home's Spring deep clean!


Since parting is such sweet sorrow, let's start with the design trends we are going to be leaving behind in 2019.


1. Accent Walls

That pop of color that made your home room feel "designed" has fallen out of vogue. Don't worry; a lot of us have walls to cover up ourselves.

2. Succulents

Truthfully we have decided as a team to ignore the industry on this one. A low-maintenance plant that brightens your space and creates the illusion of a green thumb? Yes, please! We're not ready to say goodbye to this quite yet, despite its' place on the list.

3. Statement Upholstery

Like the accent wall, it's just not about the solitary bold statement anymore!


Feel like we're taking everything away? Don't worry! We have some things to love this year, too.


1. 90% White to 10% Color

There's something so relaxing about these spaces created with decor that is 90% white and 10% color.


2. Maximalist Interiors

Sad to see bold "pops" of color go? Embrace maximalist design and create a space that has ALL the color. This is one of our personal favorites!

Love it as much as we do? Check out more images here & here!

3. Bold Floral Patterns

Incorporating bold floral patterns can make you feel like royalty. Don't you deserve that?


Want to see even more trends to love and leave? Check out this article from Elle Decor!

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